How Skruf snus revalorized the snus market?

Skruf is one of the most reputed brands that offer the best quality snus in the market. If you are willing to buy snus that belongs to the Skruf brand, you will come across the need to figure out how and why it has become a prominent brand out there as of now. The main reason behind the popularity of Skruf snus is because of the way how they could revolutionize the premium quality snus. There was a need for the best quality snus from the market and these experts were able to cater to that demand. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the way how this company evolved along with time.

The success story of Skruf Snus AB

Skruf Snus AB started its business operations back in the year 2002. However, they started offering products to the market in 2003. It was Adam Gillberg and Jonas Engwall who took the initiative for the formation of this company. From the early days, these two founders wanted to offer authentic Swedish snus for the people who are willing to buy them. On top of that, they also wanted to make their snus stand out from the competition. To achieve that objective, Skruf created the perfect team, including researchers and market experts. All of them were able to work together and offer the very first Skruf branded snus to the market by 2003. By this time, snus was made in a small factory based in Smaland.

Gaining market attention

When Skruf snus was released to the market, it was able to grab a lot of attention. Two factors contributed a lot towards this quick popularity of the brand. The first factor out of them is the excellent product quality. Skruf was able to cater to the needs of people who wanted to buy premium quality snus from the market. The second reason for the popularity of Skruf was an excellent marketing strategy. The marketing team who worked for the brand contributed heavily towards it.

Skruf snus looked modern and sleek. On the other hand, snus offered under the Skruf brand looked futuristic as well. Hence, they were able to create curiosity among the snus lovers who had an open mindset to try new products in the market. Skruf didn’t disappoint them. In fact, they kept on offering innovative, and complex flavors. This contributed a lot to the popularity of the brand.

Skruf snus was introduced to the Norwegian market by the year 2004. It took only a few days for the Skruf snus to increase its market share from 0% to 4%. Along with that, the brand was able to experience rapid growth as well. After Skruf was purchased by Imperial Tobacco, the team was able to take their production to greater heights and offer even more innovative offerings to the market.

As of now, Skruf snus is offering premium experiences to the snus lovers out there in the world. Hence, you can buy Skruf products without keeping a doubt in mind.