Is there a link between Snus and Cancer? Know in Detail

Snus is a smokeless, moist, and ground tobacco product that is sold in both packets and loose. This product is marketed as it is less harmful than smoking. It is to be placed between the top lip and the gum and needs to suck for around 30 minutes. It is quite different from chewing tobacco, as it doesn’t include spitting. It was manufactured around 200 years back in Sweden and is also manufactured in the US.

Due to the increased demand for Snus online, there are many products that are manufactured, but they differ in nicotine and other chemical content. The usage of snus is quite controversial from the time it is manufactured.

Know snus is beneficial or harmful?

The US health agencies are against the use of snus, and the European Union has banned snus after knowing the harmful and addictive effects of nicotine. But the manufacturers of snus claims that it is consuming snus cause no harm when compared to inhaling nicotine. The snus tobacco doesn’t get burned; therefore, no smoke is inhaled. This shows that there are no worse effects of snus present.

Also, some people and advocates of snus claim that it is helpful in stopping the addiction of smoking. Specifically, in Sweden, it has been observed that the smoking rate has decreased as men are switching to snus. The researchers also found that the lung cancer rate has dropped along with the number of deaths and cardiovascular disease.

Does Snus Cause Cancer?

This is a complex question as the studies do on snus vary. Some studies show that cancer risk increases due to the usage of snus, but some don’t agree and say the opposite. There are differences in timespans and the population groups studied. The studies must include the other factors that can …