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Phil Beer - multi instrumentalist extraordinaire, one-half of ‘Show Of Hands’ and all round good egg! Did we forget to mention that he guests on Barnstorming and is producing our new album? Ahem.


Jacey Bedford Tour Management - want to book Isambarde? Of course you do!


Chudleigh Roots - will be releasing our latest album. Record label of Phil Beer (see above).


Maudslay Thursday - a monthly dose of folk and roots upstairs at the maudslay pub in Coventry.


Cloudstreet - hot harmonies and beautiful ballads. Australian duo Nicole Murray and John Thompson breathe new life into traditional music.


Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer - prodigious musicians, prodigious fun. Vicki and Jonny can also be heard on our Barnstorming album.


James Harris - good mate and superb photographer. Cheese anyone?


Blue Moon Studios - where knobs were expertly twiddled on the Isambarde albums 'Brunel's Kingdom', 'Barnstorming' and 'Living History'!


For all things folky in the Coventry area, look no further...


Vin Garbutt – Needs no introduction. The one and only!


The Band of Rack and Ruin – Midlands-based folk-rock outfit playing an explosive mixture of trad and original songs and tunes


The Red Lion Folk Club – Has been described as the best of its kind in Europe. Er…it is!


The man responsible for keeping Em's fiddle in working order (no hate mail please!) and fitting her L.R. Baggs pick up

"ISAMBARDE are a folk band with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. They are the unusual and winning combination of Chris's driving guitar, Emily's incisive fiddle playing and Jude's lyrical oboe coupled with great full on vocal harmonies. They play a great set and are an asset to any festival bill. Book 'em!!"



"Isambarde are a really good young band. They’re good to listen to, good to look at and it’s very obvious that they enjoy performing.”



“Driving acoustic guitar rythms woven together by silken melodies on oboe and fiddle.”