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Isambarde Electric


Isambarde Electric was born out of a desire to make more noise at bigger festivals!

Taking the familiar sound of acclaimed, three-piece act Isambarde who are already an established act on the folk scene, Isambarde Electric are building on that success by bringing fresh material and a more contemporary sound to a wider audience.




Comprising the same three members of Isambarde (Chris Green, Jude Rees and Emily Sanders), they are joined on stage by long-time friend Duncan Arrow (drums) and Rupert Dejonghe (bass).


"It was vital to choose the additional musicians carefully", says Chris."The style that we were wishing to create requires much more than just simple accompaniment. The drums and bass really form an integral part of the sound." They even get some solos!


Although taking some of their musical cues from Isambarde, Isambarde Electric is forging its own distinctive style starting with Rupert and Duncan who come from a rock, pop and jazz background.


"Inevitably though, I guess our overall sound will be compared to the likes of Fairport,
Steeleye Span and the Albion Band"
, says Emily. Although to mix it up there's also some elements of reggae, ska and township jive in there for good measure!


Having bass and drums gives the other band members flexibility in trying out different instruments in the set, including mando-cello and melodeon.


"Its really helped to open up new styles and possibilities, turning familiar arrangements of English trad tunes on their head", says Jude.


Check out their live EP (see right) and catch them at festivals throughout this summer.

Isambarde Electric Live EP






01. I Wish

02. High Germany

03. Annan Water

04. Step It Out Mary

05. William Taylor


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