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Festival Workshops


offered by Isambarde


Using Open Tunings to accompany songs and tunes (Guitar)

An introduction to using open tunings (primarily DADGAD, but also incorporating a variety of others such as open G, modal G and modal C). A basic knowledge of the guitar is desirable, but not essential. Finger-picking and plectrum styles will be covered, and chord sheets will be provided. It is recommended that you bring a capo!

Length of workshop: 1 hour
Run by: Chris

Vocal Harmonies Workshop
A chance to get on your feet and start singing! We will put together some simple tunes with a variety of harmonies from easy to challenging. This is also a fun way of breaking the ice with your fellow festival goers as you will be working in small groups before putting the whole ensemble together in harmony! Lyric sheets will be provided. No previous singing experience required - just bring your enthusiasm! Open to all.
Length of workshop: 1 hour
Run by: Jude and Emily

Under 16s Session
Sessions are the lifeblood of the traditional music scene and this workshop aims to give under-16s a start in session playing and singing. Dots and lyrics can be provided for readers, chords can be provided for guitars, bouzoukis etc, but the main emphasis is on learning to participate sensitively and sympathetically using aural skills. There is no minimum skill level as such, but a basic acquaintance with the instrument is desirable (i.e. – being able to play three chords on the guitar!) The emphasis will mainly be on songs although tunes may be covered as well. The session will all be about inclusion, encouragement and fun.
Length of workshop: 1 hour
Run by: Isambarde

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the workshops with us, feel free to email the band, or give us a ring on the number below.

Band phone - 07786 440041

"ISAMBARDE are a folk band with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. They are the unusual and winning combination of Chris's driving guitar, Emily's incisive fiddle playing and Jude's lyrical oboe coupled with great full on vocal harmonies. They play a great set and are an asset to any festival bill. Book 'em!!"



"Isambarde are a really good young band. They’re good to listen to, good to look at and it’s very obvious that they enjoy performing.”



“Driving acoustic guitar rythms woven together by silken melodies on oboe and fiddle.”